How to Detail a Car with a Steam Cleaner

Most of automotive service provider using car wash process in Car detailing service. This process provide good results but not the excellent because washing process effect the vehicle paint and also harm its interiors. But, in the same to save our car life most of the detailers use car steam wash service instead of normal car wash because it provides you excellent result in the same process as compare to Car wash service. Steam cleaners produce superheated steam to remove dirt, grease, from every surface in just few minutes. It is possible to steam clean seats, dashboard, engines, carpets, door jams even also on leather surfaces.

Here I tell you how you detail your car with steam cleaner:

  • Firstly, vacuum the mats, carpets, padding, and springs so, that small waste matter and dirt will easily removed.
  • Use the steam wash lance to remove dust that stored in those areas where you can’t reach. Mainly use steam cleaner in between the seats, dashboard and vents. Wipe off the excess moisture with a plain cloth.
  • Apply steam to clean windows by using spraying steam. After that wipe off the moisture with a clean cloth.
  • Then, clean the side panels, headliners, with the help of triangular tool and clean cloth.
  • At last, steam cleans the carpets and seats at medium pressure setting.

Here are few tips for steam car detailing service:

  1. You can use steam lance with a nylon detail brush and then gently scrub the salt/dust until it dissolves completely.
  2. A second vacuuming removes dirt dislodged during the cleaning process.


  • Do not use steam cleaner on damaged leather. Always test its surface first.

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